Company & Timeline

Specialist for information management systems (IMS) since 1999

AAC Infotray consists of the three departments Marketing & Sales, Development and Realization with over 30 employees. Our highly capable sales consultants are planning the projects together with our customers. Our efficient development team of computer scientists provides the basic functionalities for the customer solutions to our project managers. Based on the basic functionalities, our highly qualified project management team converts the customers’ needs into perfect software solutions. Our project managers are on the same level as our customers. They understand their needs and therefore provide perfect solutions, based on the Limsophy technology platform.

We plan and implement projects within interdisciplinary teams consisting of natural scientists, educational scientists and computer scientists. The quality of our solutions is controlled in a targeted manner by our quality management system and systematically improved. AAC Infotray has been working according to Total Quality Management since 2002. Our QM system is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

PDF Certificate ISO 9001:2015