The Pearl of Limsophy lets Round Robin Tests shine in Hamburg

Limsophy LIMS is the new key data management platform at the Institute for Hygiene and Environment (HU) in Hamburg. The HU organizes regular round robin tests at the federal level. Services laboratories use round robin tests to compare the values of their analyses to those values of other laboratories. All laboratories measure the same samples. Up to 300 laboratories take part in the field of Environmental Analysis. The laboratories record their participation data via a portal of the city of Hamburg. These data reach Limsophy via a web service interface and serve to organize the round robin tests. After the laboratories have received the samples, they determine the values and transfer the results into HU’s Limsophy. The institute evaluates the results. Limsophy automatically provides released reports and certificates to all participating laboratories. The processes of organizing round robin tests have been elegantly digitized with the support of Limsophy LIMS.

You can read the full report on the round robin tests in German here: Ringversuche HU