Tailor-made software solutions

Limsophy proves itself in the lab, in quality management and as an individual solution every day. Our tailor-made products are the basis for digital work. They are able to perfectly map the data flows of a company.

Modular technology for highest flexibility

The solid basic system consists of a lot of basic functions. It is the basis of all Limsophy solutions. These basic functions are essential elements of every Limsophy module. In addition, every module has its own capabilities to fulfill specific tasks.

Based on their standard functions, Limsophy modules can be customized for every project in order to exactly map the business processes of our customers. Each project receives all necessary modules customized if required and integrated into one Limsophy solution.

Thanks to the combination of modules and individual customization, your individual Limsophy solution covers all requirements of the everyday work and it is still flexible enough that new requirements can be implemented at any time. The basic functions in every module provide a high level of operation comfort. With the help of favorites, you are able to intuitively operate Limsophy since whole procedures are automated.

Combining the appropriate modules and functions into one Limsophy solution allows to optimally map data flows of business processes. This is how Limsophy makes your everyday work easier. It minimizes possible sources of error, increases the data quality and digitizes business processes.

Our LIMS and Quality Management solutions

Laboratory software for service, company and R&D laboratories, which maps and implements your existing laboratory processes in a progressive database system. Limsophy supports your processes and automates work-intensive steps. It makes your everyday work easier.

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A lean quality management with clean document handling is the best basis to guarantee a consistently high quality with acceptable effort. Limsophy supports creating and managing QM documents and provides access to other management functions such as audit planning, risk management and target management and the constant improvement process.

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Do specific tasks of yours require a tailor-made solution?
The Limsophy technology of AAC Infotray allows to implement customer-specific solutions with acceptable effort based on a high quality basis. These solutions can be kept up to date in the future. The requirements range from data concerning clients in institutions for people with disabilities over an application for second hand bike exchanges to data concerning sewer renovations. As you can see, the ideas to solve your problems are unlimited.

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