Technology platform and advisory competence from Winterthur

AAC Infotray relies on competence and flexibility in order to provide information management systems suitable for every customer’s need.

Dr. Köbi Ehrensberger

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

«We prepare the ground for new digital business models for our customers by digitizing their business processes.»

Konrad Albrecht

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

«Developing state-of-the-art software on a proven foundation means added value for our customers through continuity.»

Dr. Peter Nüesch

Chief Product Officer (CPO)

«With our modular software, we create tailor-made solutions to optimally map the data flows of the customer processes.»

Eugen Steiner

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

«Since our highly trained employees understand our customers' business, they provide highly competent advice.»

Dr. Köbi Ehrensberger

+41 52 260 31 40

Dr. Johannes Stadler

+41 52 260 31 46

Eugen Steiner

+41 52 260 31 66

Kaspar Sommer

+41 52 260 31 34

Dr. Peter Nüesch

Dr. Andreas Bayer

Dr. Katrin Bojarski

Franziska Fendt

Melisa Ferizovic

Brian Freudiger

Charlotte Gilbeau

Julia Gretzke

Didier Hirt

Sarah Landolt

Irène Donzé Loetscher

Dr. Peter Pfister

Katharina Rüger

Katrin Rutschmann

Eveline Schwizer

Jérôme Sigg

Dr. Dominik Vagstad

Bernadette Vogler

Dr. Felipe Wettstein

Mark Schneider

Sales & Marketing Manager

Sophie Greco-Hefti

Administration and Accounting

Ahmad Gilbeau-Hammoud

Head of IT

Specialist for information management systems (IMS) since 1999

AAC Infotray consists of the three departments Marketing & Sales, Development and Realization with over 40 employees. Our highly capable sales consultants are planning the projects together with our customers. Our efficient development team of computer scientists provides the basic functionalities for the customer solutions to our project managers. Based on the basic functionalities, our highly qualified project management team converts the customers’ needs into perfect software solutions. Our project managers are on the same level as our customers. They understand their needs and therefore provide perfect solutions, based on the Limsophy technology platform.

We plan and implement projects within interdisciplinary teams consisting of natural scientists, educational scientists and computer scientists. The quality of our solutions is controlled in a targeted manner by our quality management system and systematically improved. AAC Infotray has been working according to Total Quality Management since 2002. Our QM system is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

PDF Certificate ISO 9001:2015



Foundation of AAC Infotray AG
Internal development of LABbase


AAC Infotray implements Total Quality Management (TQM)


Certification of the management system according to ISO-9001 by SGS


New product name “Limsophy” registered internationally


New sales partners in Switzerland


New product for quality management: Limsophy BPM


New information management concept RALIMS
Award for creating jobs “Stellenschafferpreis der Region Winterthur”


Data recording offline


Implementation of parameterizable
web services


Limsophy Creation+
now with allergen management
Limsophy BPM now with contract management


Data recording offline for mobile devices
New technology basis Limsophy BPM Web
for QM users


Aesthetic and ergonomic redesign of Limsophy


2nd Generation Limsophy Web,
responsive design


Limsophy Geodata, visualization of geo-referenced data


Limsophy as SaaS from MySwissCloud

We are happy to advise you on your way to the most suitable solution. Please contact us:

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Transparent, sustainable and fair

As a fully self-financed and autonomous corporation, we are committed to values based on transparency, sustainability and partnership – whether in dealing with our customers and employees or with suppliers and partners. We have based this mission statement on the following thoughts:

  • When dealing with our customers, our goal is always to build and maintain sustainable relationships based on partnership. We do our utmost to increase the added value of our customers by developing solutions of the highest quality.
  • To live up to our responsibility towards our customers, employees, suppliers, partners and society, we have committed ourselves to securing our freedom of action by increasing our company value in the long term.
  • Our employees contribute a great deal to our success, which is why we also involve our team and offer them personal freedom, co-determination and participation in a pleasant working atmosphere. We cultivate open, honest and active communication: Listening, conducting dialogues and giving feedback are very important to us.
  • In addition, we work specifically with sales partners and partner companies, thereby creating synergies for our customers.