The way to the cloud – easy and secure

A hardware server of the company Labeco GmbH from Alberswil/Switzerland had reached the expected operating time. The question arose to either renew the server or outsource the services, that were running on the server, to the cloud. Labeco generally wants to outsource IT infrastructure so they decided to gain some experience in the cloud. Limsophy BPM software is best suited for this plan. It manages the QM system of Labeco GmbH, and is therefore not a software which is critical for the ongoing operation. It is important to Labeco that data and services are processed 100% in Switzerland. This is why the company decided on the cloud solution mySwisscloud. AAC Infotray AG migrated data from the on-premise server to be replaced to the mySwisscloud. Nothing has changed for Labeco’s employees. They still access their QM system via browser. Labeco has reduced IT complexity and benefits from the carefree package of AAC Infotray AG. AAC Infotray takes responsibility for the operation , the security and the maintenance of cloud server, database, web server and web service together with the partner mySwisscloud. AAC Infotray is the key contact for everything concerning the QM software Limsophy BPM and the cloud infrastructure. Labeco outsourced IT complexity with the cloud solution by AAC Infotray AG. The company is now able to focus on its core business.

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